Heat Shrink


Empire Sleeving

Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrink per meter

Sizes: 3mm - 9mm

Sizes: 10/3 - 50/16
Colour: Black
Sizes: 2.4mm - 38mm
Colour: Black, Blue, Clear, Green/yellow, Red, White.

Glands and Shrouds


Compresson Glands

Rotary Glands Shrouds

Sizes: 0 - 5

Sizes: 0 - 7 Sizes: 0 - 7

Ferrules and Lugs



Lugs Terminals

Boot Lace Ferrules
Sizes: 0.5mm - 16mm
Tinned Ferrules
Sizes: 1.5mm - 120mm

insulated lugs
Sizes: 1.5mm - 6mm
Tinned lugs
Sizes: 1.5mmx5 - 240mmx12 
Pre Pack Terminals Kit
No 1 - 42

PVC Products


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3M Scotch Cast Kits

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Domestic Cable 

Equipment Cables

Flexible Cables

Power and Control Cables

Specialised Cables

Surfix Cables 
House Wire Cables
Illumination Cables
Silicone Cabtyre
Silicone Cable

Welding Cables
Fire retardant Single
Panel Single Flex
Fabric Cabtyre
Transparent Cabtyre
Permotrail - Trailing cable
Steel wire armoured

Automotive Trailer
Underground Cable -
HT Cable
Slimline - HT Cable



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