Camelion Batteries is a very extensive range of primary dry cell batteries, which will cover virtually any application where dry cell batteries are required.

Cable Clips

Sizes: 5mm - 20mm        Colour:  Black or White       Shape:  Round or Flat

Cable Ties and Straps

Sizes: 2.5 x 100mm, 3.7 x 145mm, 4.8 x 203mm, 4.8 x 305mm, 4.8 x 393mm, 7.9 x 393mm
Colour:  Black, Neutral, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow


Types: Running Capasitors Sizes: 1.5M 60M   Starting Capasitors Sizes: 30-36M 328-454M
Lighting Capasitors - Sizes: 2M -60M


Many different types and sizes available.



Types:  Ceramic, Glass, Automotive     Many different sizes available


Sizes:  2.5kVA   and  5.5kVA


Sizes:  50l,  100l,   and  200l

Geyser Accessories


Different types and sizes available.

Stove Accessories


Many different types and sizes available for a number of different applications.

Torches and lamps

Many different types and sizes available

Bandit Strapping


Picture Description Dimension (mm)  


Bandit Tool

Band Strapping tool    


Bandit SB 12.7mm

Stainless steel band 12.7mm x 0.5mm x 30m  


Bandit SB 6.5mm

Stainless steel band 6.5mm x 0.5mm x 30m  


Bandit Buckle 2.7mm

Buckle L type 12.7mm x 0.8mm  


Bandit Buckle 6.5mm

Buckle Tooth Type 6.5mm x 1.0mm  



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