3 Phase Plugs and Accessories



Amps: 16 - 63

Pins: 3,4 or 5 Voltage: 220v - 500v Types: Plug tops, Connectors, Sockets.


Galvanised Products



Cabstrut is a rigid metal construction system which is a tme and money saving alternative to conventional support methods.
No welding, No drilling, 100% adjustable, 100% Reuseable.



Power Poles



Station Master Utility Pole Features . . . 3000, 3500 and 4000mm lengths 57mm diameter, 4 compartments Pole kit comprises: Pole, PVC covers, base plate, ceiling flange and jack assembly.

Unimod Outlet Kit . . . One kit fits all Accepts all modular accessories, modules can be stacked. Kit contains: 85mm retainer, universal cradle, two plastic end comvers and devider. Old style non- modular kits also available



Power Skirtings 



Outlets and Covers:

Crabtree  (click logo to view)

Clipsal  (click logo to view)

Veti  (click logo to view)



New Power Tracks: Eubiq GSS (Grounded Sentry Shutter) Power Track



End terminals fitted as standard, Stock finish natural anodised, Light & easy to install, Clean & aesthetic, ULTRA SAFE! Patented GSS(Grounded Sentry Shutter) system is one of the safest in the world.
Modular. Designed with the GSS System Power Track, the SFC2s Modular Track together with the SK (Kitchen) and SC (Compact) tracks are the perfect solution for all power and data needs.




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